Is a buyer agent useful?

A good buyer agent doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear!

Is a buyer agent useful?

In this blogpost we will go more in depth on the role of a buyer’s agent. A good purchasing agent fulfills many roles during the buying process. We do not believe in agents that only bring out an offer on your behalf, but those that go for full service, from the first meeting discussing your wishes up until the key handover. At the moment 54% of our total transactions are purchases; we therefore do not doubt whether our work is useful or not. The beautiful and honest reviews that you’re gonna see below will tell the rest of the story for us.

What is a buyer agent?

For the sake of the definition; what is a buyer’s agent actually? A buyer’s agent is an agent that helps you as a buyer with the purchase of your new home. He or she works thus in your favor and not in the favor of the seller (who is guided instead by a selling agent).

What if a buyer agent is also the selling gent?

The selling agent therefore cannot also be your purchasing agent. It is possible however for your selling agent to also help you with the purchasing of your next home. In both the selling and purchasing process the agent works in your favor.

What should you expect from the buyer agent?

As mentioned before, the buyer agent fulfills many roles; we are the devil’s advocate, the source of information, the psychologist who holds up a mirror to you, the researcher, the shoulder to cry on, the wise old man or woman, the helpline and much more…But what does that exactly entail you might be asking yourself?

A buyer’s agent helps you determine realistic wishes and advises you where to look. We know the cities and surrounding municipalities better than anyone else through our neighborhood specialization and may be able to show you a place you haven’t thought of yet. Found yet? Then we’ll take a look. We will make sure to leave our pink colored glasses at home and give our sincere opinion on the (im)possibilities.

“We don’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.”

We examine the house, the situation and the price. Is the asking price in line with the market? How much should we offer above the asking price? Are foundation problems to be expected? How active is the VvE and have sufficient savings been made for maintenance? Is there pollution or an old tank? What kind of changes do we expect in the neighborhood that could limit your enjoyment of living there? Should you be expecting an A16 Highway in your backyard?

If we see a sound reason, we advise you to have a building inspection carried out. Or… to pass on the house. Cry and move on to the next one. Is there a leasehold? Then we make sure you know what this means and what it will mean for you in the future. We’ll help you determine your best offer and make it happen for you. We celebrate with you during a success and offer a comforting shoulder to cry on (we don’t run 1 on 1).

We read through all the documents, explain to you the necessary details, limited liability or additional clauses, advise on your choice of notary if desired and keep our finger on the pulse of the mortgage advisor.

Then, as D-day approaches… we schedule the final inspection. That day we will walk you through your soon-to-be new house to check whether it will be delivered in the conditions you expect it to, take the meter readings and check whether the agreed interior items are present. Everything is in order? Then off we go to the notary! Even after delivery, we are still available for you as a helpline. Found any hidden flaws and have any doubts? We are happy to help!

Do you have a better chance at purchasing a house with a buyer agent?

In short. YES!

And why you might ask yourself? Here are four main reasons we would like to mention:

  1. Many selling agents plan a maximum number of viewings. Sometimes 10, 15 where others like RE/MAX agents up to 35/40 viewings. Such numbers can mean that when you call, there is no room to plan any viewings anymore. They often keep a number of places available for purchase agents or allow double planning because the purchase agent walks around with his or her own customer. You thus have more chances to get a viewing and keep in mind that buying without viewing first is not really an option for us!
  2. An experienced agent knows what to pay attention to; we read the situation. How many viewers have been there? What does the selling agent give away with regards to the situation, what are the expectations for the sale? What kind of buyer is the seller looking for? Is there perhaps a likeability factor to be found? Set against market figures and the condition of the house, we make an estimate of which offer might be necessary to be able to attract the purchase to you.
  3. (Almost) nothing is more irritating for a selling broker than an incomplete offer. We ensure the best formulation of your offer, complete with the relevant (resolutive) conditions, desired delivery, coordination of movable property and, if necessary, advice for a personal introduction to the sellers. That might help…
  4. A customer who arrives with a buyer’s agent has a better chance of success in the eyes of the selling agent. Why is that? It is someone who knows what he or she is doing; who takes advice, where in most cases the financial situation has already been thoroughly examined (that is also our advice) and simply someone who is serious enough and therefore does not just walk away from the deal. In short, one of the tasks of the selling agent is to limit risks and having a buyer agent with you ensures a lot of stability and straightforwardness.

Can you buy a house without a buyer agent?

Is it impossible to buy a house without a buyer’s agent? Certainly not! The purchase agent increases your chances, but it is not the case that – without – you are immediately without a chance. You can determine your own wishes, plan viewings, look at the architectural, legal and financial aspects, formulate your offer and complete your delivery. Are you experienced enough for this? Or stubborn enough? 😉 It’s up to you!

What does a Rotterdam buyer agent cost?

The rates for relatively cheap purchasing agents (we believe in good and not in cheap) start around 1,295 euros. Do you want an agent who only guides the transaction without delving into all the details and is not interested in your best deal, but especially in the fastest deal? Then that is a great alternative. Google ‘cheap buyer agent’.

Are you looking for an agent who does everything we described above? Then start a conversation with one of our agents. Then we will make you a tailor-made proposal which won’t necessarily be the cheapest, but well worth the money.

Is a buyer agent worth the money?

If you choose the right buyer agent, it is definitely worth the money. We sometimes come across purchasing agents who only make the offer for you. We don’t think that’s worth the money; we will gladly teach you how to make an offer for free, click this link for our educational article on the topic.. The added value is in all the work and advice surrounding it.

How do you choose a buyer agent in Rotterdam?

A recommendation from friends or family who have worked with a purchase agent in Rotterdam is of course very pleasant; if they have a good experience with someone, chances are that your experience will be the same. No one recommended anyone to you? Then choose based on online reviews. We have selected some of our best for you.

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