Mortgage consultation

Mortgage advice; free mortgage consultation 

You can of course get mortgage advice by calling your neighbor’s uncle and asking how he got a mortgage about 30 years ago. Besides the quality of the advice you are going to receive, how easy is it if you just have a one-stop-go for the sale of your current house, mortgage advice, and the purchase of your new (dream) house? 

Mortgage advice needed 

It’s a bit of an open door in stairs, but good mortgage advice is really an important part of your housing career. Together with your mortgage advisor, you can look at what you can borrow and what influence this has on your financial situation. This will help you in a more targeted search for your new (dream) home and it will increase your chances on the housing market! 

Personal mortgage consultation increases your chances on the housing market 

Huh?!? Good and personal mortgage advice increases your chances on the housing market? Yes, it may sound strange, but a free mortgage consultation looks at what you can borrow, which mortgage lender best suits your situation, and problems surrounding the financing of a new (dream) house that can be tackled at an early stage. You will therefore not receive general advice as with the online mortgage calculators. No, your advice takes into account your plans, dreams, and wishes. So that you know better what offer you can make on your new (dream) home! 

Personal mortgage advice reduces the chances of disappointment  

Okay, are you not convinced yet of the importance of mortgage advice? Did you know that it can reduce the chance of unpleasant disappointments now and in the future? For example, the mortgage advisor informs you about the snags surrounding a mortgage. He will map out the risks for you and advise you based on this. 

Call us for personalized mortgage advice 

So… Are you looking for a mortgage advisor who listens to you, thinks along, and keeps you informed of every step? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors. Because you already incur enough costs in your search for your new (dream) home, the first mortgage consultation is free with us!