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Buying agent Rotterdam

Buying your house in Rotterdam or surroundings  

On your way to work, you drove down that one street to take a look at your dream house. Today was different than usual because luckily you saw the “For Sale” sign on the window! 

How do you handle it? 

While you quickly search Funda for your dream home in between all your meetings, the worries begin. Do you know what you have to do to (safely) buy a house? It’s not like trying a new pizza! Buying a house does come with certain risks. 

What should you take into account? 

Which offer should you make? Will you get your offer financed? Is the house safe or are there hidden defects? Precisely because of the high demand on the market, it is wise to involve an expert in the process. Because did you know that in a number of cases you can fall back on termination clauses in your preliminary purchase agreement? Or that a building inspection can help you make a well-considered decision? 

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    The best agent to help you buy your next home? Ask Google and make sure to choose the one with the most experience and stunning customer reviews. That is always a safe choice.   

    With more than 350 positive reviews, the RE/MAX purchase agent scores highly! Our customers attribute qualities to us to be proud of, such as: “Knows the market, realistic, pleasant, patient, honest, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, transparent, attentive, accurate and always available” We love a compliment! 

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    Our method: always available and with sound advice 

    Did you know that you have to deal with a lot when buying your home? Not only do you get a ton of information thrown at you but you also have to make tons of choices. Choices that (may) affect your future in your dream home. 

    Of course you do not want to lie awake in your new dream house because you are overwhelmed. Fortunately, you do not need to know everything about the process of buying a house and what you should pay attention to. That’s what a buyer’s agent is for! 

    We look at the house together with you, give advice about the possibilities that your dream house offers you and about whether or not to make an offer subject to conditions. For example, before you make a final offer, you may still want to have a building inspection carried out, just to be sure. 

    In addition to sound advice, we are also always available for you by e-mail, telephone and in person. You can ask your questions in the evenings and weekends without having to wait until the next working day.  

    How we make the difference

    You can of course buy your house in Rotterdam and the surrounding area and arrange everything yourself. But you can also choose to outsource the entire process to one of our agents and feel completely relaxed! Do you want to know which neighborhoods offer the best quality of life? 

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